Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"Great Catch" Necklace

This is my variation of Holly Hancocks, owner of BEADS in Tampa, FL, pattern.  "Great Catch"  was published in 2012 Beadwork's Favorite Stitches. The pattern can be currently downloaded as part of  Holly's OUR FAVORITE STITCHES 3 booklet on the BEADS website.

The following were used in this variation:  8 MM Fossil Stone round gemstones, 8 MM Swarovski Crystal rounds, 6 MM Brass rounds, 4 MM Czech Fire Polished Pastel Emerald Crystals, #11 Silver Lined Teal seed beads,  #15 Dk Mauve Galv Duracoat seed beads, Antique Brass Pamada Beads, and Antique Brass Toggle.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mother of Pearl Heishi Bead Collana

Back in Tampa, FL for few weeks, so able to take a few beading lessons from Holly Hancock, owner of  BEADS.

"Loop d Loop" is a fun pattern of Holly's using pink Mother of Pearl Heishi Beads and the following #11 seed beads: Dark Wine Metalic, Purple TSL, Clear TSL, Hot Pink SL, Pale Pink AB, and Rose Bronze SL Alabaster.
Plus #8 Clear/dark Violet ICL

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pulsera Real

Tubular netting with three Czech bead shapes: 2-hole squares, 2-hole bricks and 2-hole lentils plus #11 seed beads.....

Nichole Starman's "Breezeway Bangle" pattern can also be made as a bracelet with a clasp.....

This bracelet is reversible with Czech squares on one side and Czech bricks on the other... 

Wire Crochet Necklace

I'm always open for learning something new, so when my friend, Heidi, offered to teach me wire crochet with beads I said lets give it a try. Above is photo of my first attempt at a necklace. It is a lot of fun, so I will be making more. Thanks, Heidi, for your patience, teaching me, 1st crocheting, then adding the wire and beads. 

This is Heidi's necklace before adding the clasp.  As you can see the possibilities are endless...Link to intro to wire crochet "youtube"

Trellis Cuff

The Trellis Cuff is my variation on Michelle Heim's pattern, "Paragon Cuff", which is on the cover of BEADWORK , Aug/Sept 2015. The pattern is embellished right-angle-weave and uses 3 styles of shaped beads: O beads, SuperDuos and rondelles plus size #11 seed beads.

Cuff topped off with a pair of matching earrings and you have a great set....

Monday, September 7, 2015

Hex Nut Bracelet

"Gone Nuts" man's bracelet uses two sizes of zinc and brass colored hex nuts in a even count peyote stitch.

Thanks to Heidi, my summer beading buddy, for teaching me the ins and outs of construction of this heavy weight bracelet.

Sorry this bracelet is already spoken for.....

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Oh! Oh! Bracelet II

The "Oh! Oh! Bracelet" uses a lot of the new "O" bead, thus the name. The pattern works up very nicely with the "O" beads, 4 MM crystals, 4 MM rounds, Ruellas, Superduos, and #11 Seed Beads. Add a matching pair of earrings and you have a great set.

Sorry This "Oh! Oh! Bracelet" and earring set is spoken for, but custom orders are always available at beadsbaublesandbracelets@gmail.com  

Friday, August 28, 2015

Native Cuff

Variation on Christina Neit's BEADWORK Dec 2014 pattern "Line'em Up Bracelet" pgs 26-28. Thank you Heidi for the suggested variation....it worked out GREAT!

"Native Cuff" uses #15, #11 & # 8 seed beads, Super Duos, and 2-hole Triangles in a combination of peyote stitch, right-angle weave and netting topped off with a copper shank button as it's clasp. Sorry,this bracelet with matching earrings is already taken, but custom orders can be placed on request at beadsbaublesandbracelet@gmail.com  . Pricing begins at $55 for bracelet alone, $20 for earrings alone and $70 for bracelet and earring set. Prices include shipping in the USA.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Memory Wire Bangle

This memory wire bangle was taught at BEADS in Tampa, FL by Maryann, owner of Beads n' Stitches.

This is a fun bracelet to make and wear. The base, of course is memory wire, embellished with  #6, #8 & #11 seed beads and  4 MM rounds or crystal bicones..... 

There are limitless color possibilities...

Rock Mountain Sunrise Collar

Rock Mountain Sunrise was inspired by Alice Kharon's "Boardwalk Necklace" in August/Sept BEADWORK pg 56-58.

The collar comes together using Ladder Stitch, Square Stitch and Right-Angle Weave.

Materials include #15 & #11 seed beads, 3 MM bugles, 5 MM Tilas, 4 MM preciosa bi-cones and copper magnetic clasp.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Silvered Pearl Cuff

Lana May has  wonderful right angle weave bracelet patterns. This is my interpretation of her "Bracelet with Nielloed Silver". Lana May teaches out of her studio in Phoenix, AZ.  

I changed the pattern by working in silver bugle beads in place of some of the delica embellishment. The supplies I used in this cuff: Silver Delica Beads, # 11 seed beads,  size 3 bugle seed beads, 8 MM glass pearls, 10 MM glass pearls , button,  and 8 lb Fire Line.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Indian Sunrise Bracelet

Fun pattern by 2014 Designer of the Year, Christina Neit, which can be found in BEADWORK Dec 2014 edition

Color way for Indian Sunrise: 6 mm 2 hole Triangles in Rose Gold Topaz,  #11 Bronze Metallic & Opaque Tea Rose, #8 Metallic Dark Raspberry, #15 Aqua O/L, and Iris Gold Super Duos 
15 mm button

Christina Neit's pattern as written calls for 48 2-hole triangles for the bracelet's base. Using 48 triangles gives a finished bracelet base of 6 1/2 inches. With the button clasp the bracelet measures just over 7".  For a wrist over 7" I would recommend increasing the bracelet base to 50+ 2-hole triangles, which will increase the over all bead count.

The superduos are used to finish off the back of the bracelet, which makes for a very clean looking, tightly woven & solid finished bracelet.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Copper Lace Cuff

Copper Lace is my take on Susan Council's "Indian Summer Bracelet" pattern published in BEADWORK  August/September 2014, pg 54-57.  

The embellished netting and daisy chain bracelet works up very quickly using the following supplies: #11 seed beads, #8 seed beads, two different colors of super duos, 21 6mm rounds and a magnetic clasp.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Victorian Diamonds-----Odd Count Peyote

Victorian Diamonds an Odd Count Peyote pattern is my interpretation of "Double Diamond" taught by Maryann of Beads N' Stitches at BEADS in Tampa.  

With moving into a in home, unpacking and getting settled it took me awhile to complete this bracelet, but the results were well worth the wait. The incorporation of four different sizes and shapes of seed beads gives the bracelet wonderful movement.

The following supplies were used in "Victorian Diamonds":
 #11 seed beads= Burnt Cinnamon, Dark Sea Foam, Opaque Tea Rose
#8= Light Rose/Dark Rose ICL
#8 Hex=  Delica Lined Lime AB APX
#6= Clear/Aqua ICL
4 mm Preciosa Fuchsia AB Rondell
TierraCast Antique Copper 3/4 inch Hook Clasp

Bracelet with clasp measures 7 1/2 inches

Inquires for special orders of this bracelet, in your choice of color path, can be made at 
beadsbaublesandbracelets@gmail.com  Pricing for this bracelet begins at $75 and could increase depending on your choice of beads

Monday, May 11, 2015

Wrapped Wire Bracelet

Thanks to Cookie, member of the OTOW Polymer Clay Group, for sharing this wrapped wire bracelet pattern. It a great way to feature Polymer Clay Beads that we have made.

The bracelet uses 12 gauge aluminum wire,  22 gauge silver wire and 7-9 round beads(# depends on  wrist size).  The polymer beads I used were 12 MM, but can be adjusted depending on the size of the wire loops you make.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Polymer Clay

This Winter I took an Introduction to Polymer Clay Beads class through the "Master the Possibilities" Program in Ocala, FL. The photos in this post are to show some of my early attempts making polymer clay beads and charms...

Homemade baking tray using aluminum tray and folded card stock... 

After baking the polymer clay beads you can glaze if desired.  Photos of homemade drying tray...Styrofoam and tooth picks. 

Beads, charms and parts for earrings and pins..

Polymer clay group meeting in "On Top of the World", Ocala, FL